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1.5L S/S High Pressure Reactor
Electric Jacket. Stainless Steel Unit With Electrically Heated Jacket. 100mm Dia X 200mm Deep. Dish Bottom. Bolt On Top. Various Connections. 1.1Kw 56 Rpm Stirrer Drive. Chamber W.P. 200 Psi. Made By Chas W Cook & Son.
Item Ref: N8821-01
2.5L Biolabs Bench Fermention Cell
With Stainless Steel Lid & Turbine . Variable Speed Unit 100 To 1000 Rpm With S/S Lid Fermenter Mounted On Raise Lower Stand. With Temperature And Oxygen Feed Control
Item Ref: N9667-50
Medimex 3L S/S Autoclave 12 Bar
Stainless Steel Chamber 100mm Dia X 400mm Deep With 25mm Dia And 7 Off 6mm Dia Inlets And 6mm Dia Outlet With 0.12Kw 20 To 150 Rpm Variable Speed Drive. Stainless Steel High Pressure Autoclave W.P 12 Bar At 220 Deg.C With Air Operated Raise Lower For Cleaning Mounted On Stainless Steel Frame 750mm X 750mm X 1750mm Tall .
Item Ref: S9400-52
3 L S/S Autoclave Wp 15000 Psi Elect Jk
Stainless Steel W.P.15000 Psi With Electrically Heated Jacket 150 Psi
Item Ref: N8676-52
Baskerville Linsay 4 L S/S Autoclave
316 Stainless Steel High Pressure 50 Atm Autoclave Fitted With Air Operated Drive And Electric Jacket Raise Lower Hoist For Lifting Top.250 Litre Air Receiver
Item Ref: S9440-52
9L Baskerville & Lindsey Reactor 500 Psi
Stainless Steel Chamber And Jacket 200mm Dia X 300mm Deep With Magnetic Stirrer Drive. Bolt On Top With 4 Off 25mm Connections And 2 Off 19mm Connections. Chamber W.P. 500 Psi. T.P. 944 Psi At 250 Deg.C. Jacket W.P. 200 Psi T.P. 355 Psi.
Item Ref: N8823-01
Media Auto Preparator S12000
12 L Maximum, Minimum 1.5 L. Sterilises/Mixes And Pumps. Sterilising Temperature 80 - 130 Deg C. Holding Temperature 40 - 80 Deg C. Vacuum 0 - 4 Bar. Serial Number 2921186, 220 V With Timer And Chart Recorder. 620 X 410 X 640 mm Tall
Item Ref: N9580-50