Grinders Wet Roll Mills

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Holmes M/S Single Roll Mill 660Mm Face
Mild Steel Roll 300mm Dia 660mm Face Water Cooled Roll Knife Discharge. 7.5Kw 165 Rpm Belt Drive Overall Size 1600mm X 1100mm X 1250mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9036-12
Betol Twin Roll Mill 50mm x 150mm face

Mild Steel Knurled Roll 50mm x 150mm face, mounted on frame to give 600mm ground clearance. 0.5 Kw 1 phase overall dimensions 550mm x 950mm x 1300mm tall 

Item Ref: N10836-12
Collin Twin Roll Mill W110 E/P
Twin Roll Mill Steel Chrome Plated Rolls With Hydraulic Closure 110mm Dia X 250mm Face 4 Kw Inverter Driven Rolls 2 To 20 Rpm Cored Rolles For Heating Or Cooling. Overall Size 1450mm X 800mm X 1800mm Tall Machine Number 1111-11-02
Item Ref: N10639-25
David Bridge M/S Twin Roll Mill 150mm x 310mm

Mild Steel Twin Roll Mill 150mm dia x 310mm face with cored rolls for heating or cooling friction ratio 1 to 1 and 1 to 1.25 with 5.5 Kw geared drive motor No: 63/w/352A overall Size 1400mm x 1600mm x 1700mm tall

Item Ref: N10736-12
Twin Roll Shaw Mixing Mill
Roll Diam 150mm X 330mm Face. Cored Rolls For Steam Or Oil. Manual Roll Adjustment With Safety Switch And Grid. Overall Size 1600mm X 1300mm X 1150mm Tall. With 5.5Kw Geared Drive.
Item Ref: N9587-25
David Bridge Twin Roll Mill 150mm x 310mm

Mild Steel Twin Roll Mill 150mm dia x 310mm face with cored rolls for heating and cooling with approx 4 kW geared drive.

Overall size 1,750mm x 1,460mm x 19,00mm tall

Item Ref: N10855-12
Houlbold M/S Twin Roll Mill 500 MM x 1000 mm 75 Kw
Mild Steel Twin roll mill 500 mm dia x 1000 mm cored rolls with conveyor feed and conveyor discharge with 75 Kw geared drive to reduction gear with frequency inverter to give a speed range of 6 to 21 Rpm cored rolls with 9 Kw heat source  for heating or cooling an option. overall size 3000mm x 3000mm x 2700mm tall. geared drive 2500mm x 1500mm. Made by Houbold Chemitz serviced by NFM Iddon in 2001.
Item Ref: ND-11682-12
Marchant Triple Roll Mill 75mm dia x 150mm face

Mild Steel rolls with mechanical closure 75mm dia x 150mm face knife discharge mounted on mild steel frame to give overall size 500mm x 600mm x 1,320mm tall

Item Ref: N10814-12
Pascall Three Roll Mill 75Mm X 150Mm
75mm Dia X 150mm Face. Mild Steel Rolls. Chrome Plated. 0.55Kw Drive.
Item Ref: N8514-59
Marchant Hoz Triple Roll Mill
Mild Steel Cast Iron Horizontal Triple Roll Mill 450mm Dia X 920mm Face With Knife Discharge. Overall Size 2000mm X 3200mm X 2000mm Tall. No; G 2618 70 2870
Item Ref: N10418-12
Cox Type 306 Triple Roll Mill 30 kW
Mild Steel Cast Iron 305 mm Dia x 610 mm Face Hydraulic closure with knife discharge height 705 mm. Driven by 30 kW  Drive  365 Rpm.   Overall size 1,500 mm x 1,800 mm x 1,350 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12324-12