Grinders Wet Homogenisers

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Ultrasonic Disintegrator Sonicator W385
475W 20 Hz Output (Note Output Lance Is Missing)
Item Ref: N8771-50
Ultrasonic Rapisonic Homogeniser 1.5 Kw
Stainless Steel Unit With 20 mm Connections And 1.5 Kw Drive Running At 960 Rpm
Item Ref: S6565-12
15 Lpm Ultrasonic Mono Sh32 S/S
Stainless Steel Mono 15 Lpm At 30 M Head With 38mm Inlet 50 mm Outlet With Ultrasonic Adaption 2.2 Kw 720 Rpm Direct Coupled Drive
Item Ref: N8086-12
4 kW S/S In Line Two Stage Dispax Homogenizers Type DR- 3/6/6
Stainless steel Two Stage Jacketed Castellated In Line Homogenizer KA Dispax type DR-3/6/6A homogenizer for mixing/blending of liquid/liquid or liquid/powder phases. With 19mm dia inlet and 12mm dia outlet. With 4 kW 2,880 rpm FLP motor with start, stop speed controller, located in working area with inverter to be mounted in safe area.
Item Ref: ND-12026-12
Iwk Dispax 3 Stage Ss Homogeniser 4.6 Kw
Stainless Steel 3 Stage Homogeniser Dispax Reactor With 4.6 Kw Drive Motor Mech Seal
Item Ref: RC1107-12
Ormerod Homogeniser Type Df1/Baga & D2c1
Stainless Steel Homogeniser With 250mm.Dia Coned Hopper Feed,1000 Psi.45 Lph, 0.18 Kw 1 Phase Drive
Item Ref: S5940-59
Oakes Mixer Model 2A V/Speed Drive
Stainless Steel Unit With 50mm Dia Two Stage Rotor 20mm Connections. Driven Through Variable Speed Inverter Drive Bench Mounted 660mm X 800mm X 1000mm Tall
Item Ref: N10304-24
45 LPH APV Manton Gaulin S/S Single Head Homogeniser 15M
Stainless Steel Single Piston Type 15M rated at 45 LPH @ 500 Bar with 4L feed hopper 150 mm dia x 230 mm deep. with 25 mm dia inlet and 10 mm dia outlet.
Driven by a 2.2 kw geared drive mounted in a mild steel frame 800 mm x 800 mm x 1,200 mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-12624-12
Zehnder S/S Jktd Homogeniser
38 mm Inlet, 88 mm Dia. Head. 2800 Rpm, 1.5 Kw
Item Ref: S8582-24
Oakes Mixer Model 4M 1 1/2 Gp/1
Stainless Steel Jacketed Head With 20mm Dia Iss Connections. Compressor Feed To Aerate Product With Mono Sb15 Variable Speed Drive From Carter F12. Main Mixer Rotor 1.1Kw With Carter V/Speed Drive. Overall Size 1400mm X 800mm X 1650mm Tall. Ref No: 0115A-F155a No: 7038/4 110 Psi.
Item Ref: N10303-24
Oakes Mixer Model Type 8M-Ts1a
Stainless Steel 200mm Dia Rotor And Stator With 4 Kw Geared Drive With Inverter Control For Product Feed And Rotor V/Speed With 25mm Dia Idf Connections..
Item Ref: N10465-12
Oakes Mixer Type 10M7.5 5.5 kW Variable Speed
Stainless Steel Jacketed Unit with 30mm Rjt connections and Variable Speed Mono Type Sj410 Feed Pump [ part of pump missing]. Currently fitted with Cake Mix Head.
Item Ref: N6592-24