Grinders Wet Colloid Mill

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Premier Colloid Mill Model 2500

Stainless Steel grinding discs 63mm dia with 0.3 kw direct coupled drive with 600mm feed height and 250mm discharge height.

Item Ref: N10757-12
Premier Emulsifying & Disintegrating M/C
Stainless Steel Contact Parts Driven By 5.5 Kw 2920 Rpm Tefc Motor Via 1.5 To 1 Increasing V Belt Drive.
Item Ref: N3514-12
Fryma Colloid Mill S/S MK 95 3 kW
Stainless Steel Colloid Mill with Carborundum discs 95 mm dia with 38 mm dia in/outlets, driven by 2 kW 1,440 Rpm drive.  Overall size: 900 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12304-12
Premier Colloid S/S Mill Type 84
V-Belt Driven By 2.3/2.7 Kw 1440/2880 Rpm 2 Speed Motor With Starter. 
[ needs new mill stones] AS IS price without new mill stones.
Item Ref: S9894-12
Romanco Fryma Colloid Mill S/S Model MZ 190 45 kw
Stainless Steel  316L - 1.4435/AISI Toothed Colloid Mill Chamber rated 6 bar - 80 Deg.C with 45 kw 2955 rpm drive 
New And Unused 
Item Ref: ND-12732-12
S W Wilkinson Ceramic Cone Mill Type Oa
Super speedy mill with 70L S/S Feed Hopper to deed mixer arm through to 470mm Ceramic Grinding Head with 160mm X 100mm discharge chute mounted at 470mm. 
Driven by 2.2 kW 148 rpm geared drive. (Previously used to mill a Yeast Type Paste).
Item Ref: N9191-12