Grinders Wet Bead Mills

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4 L Netzsch Hoz Bead Mill Model Lm4
Netzsch Horizontal Bead Mill. Chamber 120mm X 400mm Long. Mild Steel Construction Non-Flameproof Drive. Overall Size 1000mm X 800mm X 1800mm Tall.
Item Ref: RC1070A-12
20L S/S Twin Chamber Hoz Netzsch Mill
Stainless Steel Horizontal Jktd Bead Mill Twin Chamber Each 210mm Dia X 610mm Long Each Chamber Driven By 17.5 Kw 1420 Rpm Belt Drive Motors Overall Size 1200mm X 1300mm X 2000mm Tall
Item Ref: RC1192-12
Mictrotron M5 S/S Vertical Bead Mill 11kW
Stainless steel Bead basket with 0.3mm to 1.2 mm ceramic bead charge 1.5 to 2.2 L flow rates of 10 to 150 LPH 
Overall size 1400 mm x 750 mm x 1750 mm 
Item Ref: ND-12597-12
Morehouse Cowles Sand Mill Type 12/30
Carbon Steel Sand Mill With 37 Kw 1470 Rpm Drive,Machine No La-123-B With Type Cmd 32 Mono Feed Pump
Item Ref: N5498-12
Fryma Vertical Coball Mill, Type MSZ-50
Mild steel vertical jacketed sand mill chamber 520mm dia x 300 mm deep with mechanical seal chamber jacket wp 2 bar, drive about 45 Kw overall size 1900 mm x 1200 mm x 2400 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-11755-12
60L Horizontal Netzsch Bead Mill Model LME 60 37 Kw
60L Horizontal Netzsch Bead Mill  Model LME 60 37 Kw
Type 574.58 No 2401849 Year 2006 with zirconium beads
Item Ref: ND-12455-12
Sussmeyer Vertical Continuous Bead Mill
30 Kw Vertical Bead Mill Chamber Size 300 M/M Dia 1000 M/M Tall With 30 Kw 1460 Rpm Motor Belt Driven To Rotor Speed 900 Rpm Throughput Approx 0-1200 Lph Type As30e63 Overall Size 1100 X 1700 X 2800 M/M Tall
Item Ref: N8333-12
75L Bosch TorusMill S/S Basket Dispersion Mill Type TM100 15 kW Flp
Stainless Steel Basket Mill with 2 off  Stainless Steel Trolley type bowls one water off JKTD 490mm dia x 520mm deep bowls with 32mm dia outlets to give 72 mm  Overall height main mill mounted on a Hydraulic raise lower stand.
Overall size 1,900mm x 1,000mm x 2,000mm Tall with 500mm of lift to suit bowls. With control panel machine number: 971233
Item Ref: ND-11662-12
75L Eiger Torrance Horizontal JKTD Bead Mill
Stainless Steel Chamber with Mild Steel Water Jacketed Mill Chamber 370mm dia x 900mm deep, with 380 Micron front plate screen with 38mm dia inlet and 25mm dia product outlet water jacket with 25mm dia in/outlets  55 kW 985 rpm drive and variable speed product feed pump. Has 0.7 mm screen
Overall size 2,000mm x 1,000mm x 1,600mm tall built 1990 fully serviced by OEM April 2015 not used since the service.
Item Ref: ND-11535-12
200L S/S Hoz Netzsch Bead Mill 75Kw
Stainless Steel Chamber With Cooling Jacket 490mm Dia X 1400mm Long Withwith Centrical Disc Systsem Drven By 75Kw 520 Rpm Belt Drive. Mechanical Seal. Current Screen Size 0.8mm Overall Size 2950mm X 1750mm X 1750mm Tall. Weight 3000Kg. Netzsch Model Lme-200
Item Ref: N9940-12