Grinders Wet Attritors-Ball Mills

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Fryma Vertical Coball Mill, Type MSZ-50 45 KW
Mild Steel Vertical Jacketed Sand mill chamber 520mm dia x 300mm deep with mechanical seal, chamber working pressure 2.5 Bar jacket working pressure 2 Bar with 45 Kw variable speed drive overall size 1900mm x 1200mm x 2400mm tall made by Fryma.Fully serviced 
Item Ref: ND-11583-12
Single Deck Pascal Roller Rack 850Mm
With 65mm Dia Mild Steel Rubber Coated Adjustable Roller 810mm Long Face With Geared Drive Overall Size 1020mm X 420mm X 770mm
Item Ref: N10442-12
Steel Grinding Balls 6 Mm Diam 1323 K
Batch Price Quoted Below Or O2/Kilo
Item Ref: N5933-12
New Lab/Pilot 2 To 5L Pot Roller
0.25 Kw Gear Driven Rollers Rubber Covered,Suitable For 2 To 5 L Pots. Gear Driven Shaft With 2 Adjustable Rollers To Suit Drum,Free Shaft Adjustable Sideways ,Floor Standing, 130 mm Long, 690 mm Wide [ Variable Speed Available At Extra Cost.]
Item Ref: S5788A-10
Denley 5 Roll Pot Mill Roller
5 Off 30mm.Dia Rolls 525mm.Long Running At Aprox 50 Rpm For Use On Bench
Item Ref: S9197-59
Denley 5 Roll Pot Mill Roller
With 5 Off 30mm.Dia X 320mm.Long Rolls Running At 50 Rpm For Use On Bench
Item Ref: N9457-59
1.5 L Szegvari Torrance JKTD Attritor Pilot Size 2.2 kW
Stainless Steel Jacketed Chamber 200 mm dia x 200 mm deep with 20 mm dia outlet with 2.2 kw Geared drive mounted on a mild steel frame to give an overall size 1,000 mm x 600 mm x 900 mm tall mounted on a mild steel table to give overall height of 1,600 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12544-12
25 L Porcelain Ball Mill Pot
280mm. Dia 305mm.Long
Item Ref: S9081-12
Rubber Lined Ball Mill Pots Aprox 25L
400mm.Dia X 370mm.Long
Item Ref: S9054-12
Humboldt Palla Mill Model 35V
Vibro Energy Mill Twin Chamber Unit Model Palla 35V Rated 166L/Min At 6mm With 18.5Kw Drive With 100mm Dia Flanged In/Outlet Connections Overall Size 1500mm X 4500mm X 3000mm High.
Item Ref: N9148-12
50 L Szegvari Torrance JKTD Attritor Type 50S 7.5 kW
Szegvari Torrance Attritor Stainless steel jacketed chamber 610 mm dia x 650 mm deep to a 50 mm dia out let with tool steel attritor rotor with a 7.5 Kw geared drive mounted on a mild steel frame overall size 1,100 mm x 1,400 mm x 2,400 mm tall.

Item Ref: ND-12543-12
Torrance Attritor Type 100S 15 kW
Stainless Steel Jacketed Bowl 880mm X 880mm deep with Colmonoy coated mixing Arms. Mono Pump Type Sh60 for circulation No: 763495
Item Ref: RC517-12