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Kek 4H Turbo Universal Mill 7.5Kw
Mild Steel Cage Turbo Universal Fine Grinding Mill 285mm Dia With Vibro Feeder And Hopper Discharge.
Item Ref: N9003-11
Kek 4H Turbo Mill With Feeder & Bagger
Mild Steel Universal Fine Grinding Mill Complete System With Sack Tipping Hopper Vibro Feeded Mill With Turbo Type Head Discharge System For Bagging And Reverse Jet Dust Collector With 4 Kw Fan
Item Ref: N6493-11
300 L Cetema ST350N Vibratory Deburring , Polishing & Finishing Bowl
Mild Steel coated bowl 1800 mm dia with 250 mm x 220 mm inlet and 320 mm x 300 mm overall size 1900 mm x 1900 mm x 1900 mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-11883-11
Mikropul Model 2Dh
Stainless Steel Body With Mild Steel T-Shaped Hammer Rotors. Screw Feed Mill With 22Kw Drive.
Item Ref: RC1020A-11
Kek Universal Mill Size 3H Mild Steel
Mild Steel Universal Fine Grinding Mill Unit With Magnetic Feed Chute To Centre Feed With Turbo Type Mill. Driven By 18.5Kw Belt Drive. Overall Size 700mm X 2000mm X 1100mm Tall. Machine No. 4404 3Hpl 39250.
Item Ref: N9291-11
Kek Cone Mill S/S Model 340 7.5 kW

Stainless Steel Kek Cone Mill with 340mm dia screen. 250mm x 110mm feed chute inlet with permanent magnet mounted on mild steel frame to give 1,220mm ground clearance from 500mm dia outlet. With 7.5 kW 25 rpm belt drive. 

Overall size 710mm x 1,700mm x 2,900mm tall.

Item Ref: N10897-11
Dreher Granulator Type S26/41 15 Kw
460 X 350 mm Dia Cutter, Water Cooled Rolls, With 15 Kw 2950 Rpm Drive. Spare Blades
Item Ref: N4608-11
Lightning Twin Roll Crusher M/S Type SZR1 7.5 KW
Mild Steel twin roll crusher mill rolls about 350mm dai x 500mm face, feed size 20mm, product about 5 to 10mm. driven by 2 off 7.5 Kw 26 Rpm Geared drives overall size 1,500mm x 1,500mm x 1,000mm 
Item Ref: ND-11566-11
C/Norris Briton Type B7/2 Grinder
Swing Hammer Mill,Cast Iron Construction,Requires 15 - 27 Kw Drive. Bare Shaft Price 82950
Item Ref: N4360-11
Kek Kibbler S/S M303 7.5 Kw
Stainless Steel Kibbler 380mm Dia X 680mm Face. Overall on stainless steel frame  size for main mill 960mm x 2200mm x 2000 tall. Includes 500mm wide x 4000mm long feed conveyor.

Item Ref: RC1301D-11
Mikropul Model 4Th S/S
Swing Hammer Mill With Auger Feed With Spare Rotor Stelite Tiped
Item Ref: RC869-11
Christy Norris Spruemajor 5.5 Kw 960 Rpm
150 X 250 mm Feed Port, Mounted On Trolley With Starter Chamber Size 460 M/M X 75 M/M Deep
Item Ref: S5969-11