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Hosokawa Mikropul Acm60
Unit to be supplied with grinder, cyclone, filter, fan stainless steel and mild steel pipes, 2 x rotary valves, eclectic controls associated valves silences inlet air heat exchanger, with new grinding tools. fully serviced
Item Ref: 11500
Engug M/S cone mill 75Kw

Mild steel cone mill with approx. 700mm dia Rotor with water cooling and manual gap adjustment. with 75 kw 960 RPM belt drive to give about 250 RPM,  Overall size 3500mm x 1500mm x 1900mm Tall.

Item Ref: RC1367-11
Ideal Werk Shredder 3 Kw Drive
90 X 375 mm Rollers With Intermeshing Knives
Item Ref: N5746-11
Rosler Vibro Energy Polishing Mill
Type Rm100 Asm Mild Steel Yellow Rubber Lined Bowl 680 M/M Dia 280 M/M Deep With Two Speed 0.45/0.75 Kw 970 1440 Rpm Drive
Item Ref: N8203-11
S/S Micronizer Fluid Energy Mill Size 4
Stainless Steel Fluid Energy Classifier Mill With 100mm Dia Chamber. Output 2/5 K/H. Produces Materials Of 5 Micron & Below. Grinding By Attrition With Compressed Air.
Item Ref: N10208-11
Pulmac Pulverizer 120 Mill 0.25Kw
Cast Steel 120mm Dia With 50mm X 50mm Feed Chute. Mounted On Frame To Give Overall Size 880mm X 610mm X 1100mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9639-11
Manesty Rotorgran S/S Mk111
Stainless Steel Oscillating Manesty Rotorgran Granulator Rotor 125 mm Dia X 360 mm Long Feed Height 1270 mm Discharge Height 950 mm Overall Size 950mm X 940 mm X 1270 mm High
Item Ref: ND-12528-11
Pulmac Pulveriser 150 Dia 50Mm.Deep 1 Ph
Size Pa Lab Size Grinder With Small Mecanical Hopper Feeder 0.55 Kw 1 Ph Drive
Item Ref: S6294-59
Hosokowa Mikro Pulverizer Bantam Swing Hammer Mill 1.1 Kw
Mild Steel Mill with Auger feed to T shape hammers with 1.1 Kw belt drive to give max speed 14,000 Rpm mounted on Mild Steel Frame overall size 900mm x 1100 mm x 1100 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12086-11
Apex Comminuting Mill S/S 7.5 Kw
Stainless Steel With Fixed Hedge Hoge Type Rotor With Variable Speed Drive Aprox 7.5 Kw Inlet Feed 22mm Dia Out Let 120mm X 40mm Mounted On Frame To Give 1080mm Ground Clearance. Overall Size 1100mm X 850mm X 1900mm Tall
Item Ref: N9156-11
Cumberland Granulator 150 X 150 Mm,2.2Kw
Model O Plastics Granulator With 150 X 150 mm Feed Chute
Item Ref: N6253-11
Wanner Granulator Type 17/17Ez Ss-F1 3Kw
Throat Size 170 M/M X 170 M/M With Rotating Knife Blades Hopper Feed & 3 Kw Geared Drive Fitted With Air Extraction Unit. Face To Face Height 350mm. Overall Size 420mm X 700mm X 420mm Tall
Item Ref: S8918-11