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Cone Disc Mills M/S 1.1 Kw
Italian Manufacture,Coned 200 mm Disc With Hopper Feed, Mounted On Pedestal With Height Adjustment,Fitted On Castors
Item Ref: N2619-11
Pascall Cone Mill No. 20807 3 Hp Drive
With Mild Steel Cones, Rotor Cone With Vernier Calibration. 205 mm Dia. Cones With Vibrator Feed And 3 Hp Belt Drive.
Item Ref: N7398-11
Sturtevant 225 Mm Disc Grinder 2.2 Kw
Machine No 792107 & 792109 2.2 Kw 1440 Rpm V Belt Drive. Bed Plate Mounted,
Item Ref: N4787-11
Sturtevant 225 Mm Disc Grinder 2.2 Kw
Mild Steel Cast Iron With Carborundum Disc 250mm Dia Mill With 55mm X 40mm Inlet Feed 2.2 Kw 1440 Rpm V Belt Drive. Bed Plate Mounted,
Item Ref: N9897-11
Alpine M/S Forplex Mill Type B250u
Mild Steel Mill, Universal Mill Forplex Type Rotor And Stator. 11 Kw 6300 Rpm Drive. No 16560. Mounted On Bed Plate As A Complete System With Vibro Feeder & Hopper To Mill With Hopper Discharge. Mounted With Dust Collection Socks.
Item Ref: N7839-11
Hosokawa Alpine Spiral Fluid Energy Jet Mill Type AS Aeroplex Type 315AS
Stainless Steel Vertical housing with 315 mm dia Grind zone chamber with no moving parts 40 mm - 20 mm dia Venturi Powder feed plus 15 off adjustable air feed nozzles with  PTFE liner

Item Ref: ND-12651-11
Kek Universal Mill Size 3H Mild Steel
Mild Steel Universal Fine Grinding Mill Unit With Magnetic Feed Chute To Centre Feed With Turbo Type Mill. Driven By 18.5Kw Belt Drive. Overall Size 700mm X 2000mm X 1100mm Tall. Machine No. 4404 3Hpl 39250.
Item Ref: N9291-11
Alpine M/S Fine Impact Mill 630 Upz

Mild Steel Cast Iron 630mm Dia Beater Disc Mill With 450mm X 100mm Feed Inlet with  Belt Driven By 35Kw 2800 Rpm Drve Motor.  With two stage stud disc Rotor. Machine number PZ 11391217 year manufacture 2000. Overall Size 3000mm X 1200mm X 2700mm Tall.


Item Ref: RC1114A-11