Grinders Dry Hammer Mill

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Apex S/S Swing Hammer Mill Model 114 S Body only
Stainless Steel Spare Body
Item Ref: N10787-11
Apex S/S Swing Hammer Mill 2.2 KW

Stainless Steel swing hammer mill model 314S with 2.2 Kw 3 Phase belt drive. Overall size 1100mm x 1100mm x 1540mm tall.  Machine Number A461/46 with some spare screens.

Item Ref: RC1369-11
Alpine Feather Mill S/S Fm0200d 7.5Kw
Stainless Steel Alpine Feather Mill Fm0200d With Stainless Steel Swing Hammers Driven By 7.5 Kw Belt Drive.
Item Ref: RC1211A-11
Pulmac Pulverizer 120 Mill 0.25Kw
Cast Steel 120mm Dia With 50mm X 50mm Feed Chute. Mounted On Frame To Give Overall Size 880mm X 610mm X 1100mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9639-11
Pulmac Pulveriser 150 Dia 50Mm.Deep 1 Ph
Size Pa Lab Size Grinder With Small Mecanical Hopper Feeder 0.55 Kw 1 Ph Drive
Item Ref: S6294-59
Apex Comminuting Mill S/S 7.5 Kw
Stainless Steel With Fixed Hedge Hoge Type Rotor With Variable Speed Drive Aprox 7.5 Kw Inlet Feed 22mm Dia Out Let 120mm X 40mm Mounted On Frame To Give 1080mm Ground Clearance. Overall Size 1100mm X 850mm X 1900mm Tall
Item Ref: N9156-11
Mikropul S/S Swing Hammer Mill Model 1Sh
Stainless Steel With 45mm Dia Feed Screw Auger To T-Hammer Mill. With 4Kw Belt Drive. Overall Size 800mm X 1200mm X 1250mmm Tall With 570L S/S Feed Hopper 700mm X 820mm X 1000mm Deep With 500mm Deep Cone.
Item Ref: N9740-11
Stokes Tornado Swing Hammer Mill S/S 4Kw
Stainless Steel Model 44/13 Driven By 4Kw Belt Drive . Vertical Knife Swing Hammer Mill. Up To 1800 K/Hr Of Material Of Maximum Size 50 mm Feed Port 150mm X 110mm .Driven By 4 Hp Motor. 1000mm X 910mm 1500mm Tall
Item Ref: S9902-11
Condux M/S Granulator Mill Model CS 230 x 220N. 4Kw

Mild Steel Granulator Mill with 230mm Dia x 220mm face with 190mm x 190mm feed and 100mm dia outlet with 4 kw Vee belt drive mounted on a frame to give 740 mm clearance. overall size 800 mm x 970 mm x 1630 mm tall.

Item Ref: N10838-11
Christy Norris M/S Spruemaster Mill 3 Kw

Mild steel with 4 fix  rotor hammer blades to reduce particle size with 80mm x 80mm inlet, 250mm dia chamber with direct coupled 3 Kw 960 Rpm mounted on mild steel frame to give overall size 400mm x 350mm x 1400mm tall

Item Ref: N10857-11
Apex S/S Swing Hammer Mill Model 114 S fitzpatrick 5.5Kw
Stainless Steel swing hammer mill with 150 mm x 100 mm inlet 250 mm dia  x 140 mm face rotor, mounted on trolley frame to give 700 mm clearance. overall size 1,000 mm x 610 mm x 1600 mm tall. 
Item Ref: ND-11715-11
C. Norris Spruemaster 1.5Kw, 1440 Rpm
Rotary Cutting Knives To Reduce Size With 150 X 75 mm Feed Port Chamber Size 250 M/M Dia 50 M/M Deep
Item Ref: S7414-11