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Silesia High Speed Grill Model Tz
Two Grill Plates 310mm X 190mm. 2 X 2800 Watts
Item Ref: N8567-24
Eirich S/S Plate Grinder, Model Sf9
900 mmm Dia. 55 Kw.
Item Ref: S8265-24
Foodtech 10L Chamber Sausage Extruder
Stainless Steel Chamber 220mm Dia X 330mm Deep. Hydraulic Discharge With 15mm Dia Nozzle. Overall Size 600mm X 3000mm X 1100mm Tall.
Item Ref: N8605-24
Bravespear S/S Twin Head Depositor
Stainless Steel twin head depositor with 70 L feed hopper 500 mm dia x 600 mm deep with two of 100 mm dia x 800 mm long nylon auger discharge nozzles mounted  180 mm apart with 1000 mm discharge height overall size 1430 mm x 1400 mm x 1800 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-11728-24
150L S/S Milfor Universal Vertical JKTD Cutter/Melter/Vacuum Cooker
150L S/S Milfor Universal Vertical JKTD Cutter/Melter/Vacuum Cooker
Stainless Steel Chamber with Steam Injection.  with top mounted  aprox 1.1 kw Scraper arm 50 rpm, base mounted 30 kW 1475/2940 rpm knife cutter with . chamber W.P.  16 Bar. overall size 1,520 mm x 1,230 mm x 2,300 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12600-24
Stephan Combi-Cut Type Cc200 75 Kw
High Power Cutter And Disintegrator For Meat Products To Meat Paste
Item Ref: N3323-24
Ruhle Slicer/Dicer S/S Type Mk-10
Stainless Steel Unit with Head to give 6mm X 6mm Dice with 75mm X 300mm Feed Chamber.
Overall size 550mm X 900mm X 910mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9391-24
Holac Slicer/Dicer Type Vs14
Throughput up to 1,200 Kg/Hr with 560mm Dia Rotor, Twin Bladed 5mm Deep Cut.  Fed by conveyor 150mm Wide.
Overall size 900mm X 1,100mm X 1,500mm Tall.  Driven by 2.8 kW Drive. Machine No. 400.0706.
Item Ref: N9198-24
Baader Fish Slicer Model 400E
Vertical Slicer With 570mm Wide Feed Belt 1300mm Long. Fitted With 33 Off Vertical 200mm Dia Rotating Disc Blades With 18mm Pitch. Variable Speed Drive. Overall Size 1900mm X 1100mm X 1450mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9202-24