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Johnson Progress Filter Press 1 M.Sq
Mild Steel Frame With Hydraulic Closure With 32 Polypropylene Chambers And 33 Plates. Each 1000mm X 1000mm X 28mm Deep. Internal Frame Size 850mm X 850mm, 4 Ports 55mm Dia. Overall Size 4700mm X 1700mm X 1800mm Tall. Model No. 1000 Type V4.
Item Ref: RC954-18
Edwards & J Polyprop Filter Press 1M Sq
Edwards And Jones Plate And Frame Filter Press 1 M Square Plates With Geared Motor Closure And Individual Cock Discharge And S/S Collecting Tray Complete 50 Chamber To Give A Total Cake Volume Of 1475Kg Overall Size 1630mm Wide X 1550mm Tall X 6400mm Long
Item Ref: N5761-18
Edwards And Jones Filter Press 1300Mm
Mild Steel Rubber Lined Filter Press With 40 Off Recess Chambers 1300mm X 1300mm Square Plates With 50mm Cake Thickness With Diaphragm Recess Chambers To Compress The Filter Cake Each Chamber Has A Cake Volume Of 80 L To Give Total Cake Volume Of 3200L With To Give Aprox Filtration Area Of 135 M.Sq Plates Have 100mm Dia Centre Feed And 4 Off 75mm Dia Ports Motor Powered Closure Over All Size 2200mm Wide X 7000mm Long X 2600mm Tall. Each Unit Aprox 18 Tons Dry Weight Rubber Spec: Styrene Butadiene Rubber Reinforced With Carbon Black. Excellent Resistance To Acids & Alkalas Intermediates & End Half Plates Ref: No: Fpe 12 **, Ph Range 1 - 14, Hardness 50 To 65 Shore D Scale Temp Range 5 To 95 Deg.C
Item Ref: RC1160D-18
Micro-Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Plant 1,200,000 L Per Day
Micro-Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Plant 1,200,000 L Per Day or 20,000 LPH
Previous product duty  
Permeate Production 1200 m3/day Conductivity 70?S/cm
Silica 1mg.l-1
Calcium 5mg.l-1
Sodium 20mg.l-1
Total Organic Carbon 2.5mg.l-1
Polysaccharide 100mg.l-1
Item Ref: 11858-18