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Stellameta S/S Candle Filter Typem8/8/20
Horizontal Stainless Steel Filter Area 0.46 Sq M Full Volume 18 L Maximum W.P.8.5 Bar With 50 M/M Dia Bsp Connections
Item Ref: N8095-18
S/S Basket Filter 50 Mm Conns
100 Dia. 910 mm Deep With Quick Release Fittings
Item Ref: N7077-18
Pall M/S Single Cartridge Filter Model 8300
Mild Steel chamber 160 mm dia x 1,000 mm deep with 50 mm dia in/outlets.   
Item Ref: ND-12321-18
Millipore S/S Flat Disc Filter On Stand

125 Psi Working Pressure Units 142 mm Diam with 25 mm dia in let out lets with Tri clover fittings

Item Ref: S6956-18
New S/S Bag/Basket Filter 75Mm Dia
Stainless Steel Filter 100mm Dia X 500mm Deep Basket With 50mm Dia Top Inlet 50mm Dia Bottom Outlet With Removable Lid T.P. 15 Bar Stainless Steel 304 Grade [ Duplex Units Can Be Supplied At Extra Cost]
Item Ref: RC823A-18
Mild Steel Plenty Filter 75 mm Dia Connections
Mild Steel Plenty Filter.  Overall size 362 mm x 210 mm x 550 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12319-18
Twistlock Tc1150 1.8 Sq.M. Candle Filter
Grp Polypropylene Lined. Overall Size 550 mm Dia. X 2800 mm Tall. 75 mm Dia. In/Outlet. Bottom 38 mm Dia. Outlet.
Item Ref: N7665-18
Twistlock Grp Pressure Filter
430 M/M Dia 1800 M/M Long 75 M/M Side Top & Bottom Connections 50 M/M Bottom Outlet Clamp On Lid And Standing On Mild Steel Frame Giving 600 M/M Ground Clearance
Item Ref: S8980-18
Twistlock Candle Filter 3.6 Sq.M.
Grp Polypropylene Lined. Overall Size 600 mm Dia. X 2500 mm Tall Withtop 250 mm Dia Inlet, 100 mm And 40 mm Outlet Connections.
Item Ref: N7889-18
New S/S Russell Screen Wedge wire 250 Micron
Stainless Steel to suit eco / self cleaning filter
Item Ref: 11605-18
1.6 Sq.M S/S Loeffler Gaf Multi Filter
Stainless Steel Multi Basket Filter With 6 Baskets 120mm Dia X 720mm Deep Mounted In 350L Chamber 800mm Dia X 700mm Deep Dish Bottom 150mm Dia Outlet Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 300mm Ground Clearance Side 50mm Dia Inlet. Removable Flat Lid With 75mm Dia 2 Off 50mm Dia Connection Chamber Rated 10 Bar. Model Vmde-0602-Ac10-020A-42-Vew-M Year 2000 Made By Hayward Overall Height 2000mm
Item Ref: N10640-18
Eaton Ecoline S/S Basket Filters Type EBF-0102-AC06-050D
0.4645 Sq.M Stainless Steel 316 Grade chamber 180 mm dia 800 mm deep dish bottom with 3" RJT connections reduced to 1" dia RJT connection rated 6 Bar 120 deg.c flow up to 420 LPM mounted on frame to give overall height 1,800mm 

Item Ref: ND-12622-18