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Dce Filter Bags
Item Ref: N4498-40
210L S/S Cyclone
Stainless Steel Cyclone with 150 mm dia inlet, 610 mm dia x 610 mm straight x 1000 mm cone to 150 mm outlet.
Item Ref: ND-12123-13
S/S Cyclone .2 Cu.M.
Stainless Steel 300 M/M Dia X 300 M/M Deep With 420 M/M Deep Cone.
Item Ref: N8098-40
S/S Cyclone 0.4 Cu.M. 3 Kw Fan
Cyclone 500 mm Dia. 1400 mm On Straight With 1100 mm Cone
Item Ref: N7231-40
7.9 Cu.M. Fullers M/S Hopper Cyclone
1220 mm Dia X 1676 mm Deep X 700 mm Deep Cone To 200 mm Dia. Bottom Outlet With 3 Side Mounting Pads.
Item Ref: N7360-38
0.04 Cu.M M/S Pingle Cyclone
Mild Steel Cyclone 300mm Dia X 300mm Deep With 800 mm Deep Cone To 110mm Dia Outlet With Tangential Side Inlet 110mm Dia To 145mm Dia Top Outlet
Item Ref: N10537-40
7 Sq.M Enviro Dustcheck Cartridge Filter
Mild Steel Chamber Fitted With 6 Off Mahle Cartridges 320mm Dia X 610mm Tall To Give Upto 750M.Cu/Hr Air Flow Overall Size 1500mm X 1500mm X 3200mm Long
Item Ref: N10283-40
9.4 M.Sq Jk Reverse Jet Filter 5.5Kw
Type Ft2.8 Mild Steel Reverse Jet Filter With 8 Pcs Filter Cartridges With 5.5 Kw 5400 M.Cu/Hr Air Flow Fitted With Go Vent Explosion Relief Panel And Discharge Silencer. Overall Size 1100mm X 2100mm X 3300mm Tall
Item Ref: RC1114-40
Kemper Filter Master XL
Used filter with 10m.sq cartridge filter 1.5 kW fan air flow approx 1,000 m.cu/Hr at 2,900 PA
Overall size 655mm x 655mm x 1,460mm tall with 150mm

Item Ref: ND-12197-13
Dustech Dust collector type SFT24-1-06F45
Mild steel Reverse jet filter mounted on wheels 700mm x 1100 mm x 2500mm tall with 3 Kw fan duty 1800 m.cu/hr at 250 mm w.G.
Item Ref: ND-11687-13
30 Sq.m DCE F2030 R11 Reverse jet Dust Collector 7.5Kw
Mild Steel Reverse Filter with 20 bag elements each 1500mm x 480mm.  Chamber about 2100mm x 2300mm x 2600mm tall (base missing)  7.5 Kw extraction fan.
Item Ref: N10915-40
120 M. Sq Dustcheck Dust Cartridge Filter 15 kW
Mild Steel Chamber with 8 off cartridge filters each about 310 mm dia x 1 200 mm deep to give 15 Sq. M filter area Ref:  WK12001 filter chamber size 1,250 mm x 1,530 mm x 1,400 tall filter with Cone base 1,400 mm deep with 100L discharge bucket clean section 800 mm deep.  Side mounted busting disc pointing up wards with 15 kW 2,900 Rpm  rated 5,280 M.cu/Hour at 520 mm. wg Overall size 2,200 mm x 2,000 mm x 4,300 mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-12351-40