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Stainless Steel Vezin Continuous Auto Sampler
Stainless Steel Vezin Continuous  Auto Sampler  to suit sinter ash flow rate 1,000 to 3,000 kg per hour particle size 50 mesh/500 micron operating temperature 20-30 deg.c  to produce a 1% continuous sample. Chamber 585 mm dia x 1,070 mm deep  with 150 mm dia inlet, 200 mm dia outlet, 75 mm dia sample outlet. 0.25 kw geared drive to suit
Item Ref: ND-12714-39
Spiral Vibratory Feeder 38 Mm Discharge
Nei International Combustion Feeder, Single Phase, 350 mm Diam Leading To 25 X 38 mm Discharge
Item Ref: N6388-39
Seidenader Vibratory Feeder Rotary Table
Stainless Steel Feed Hopper 10 L 500 M/M Dia X 150 M/M Deep To Vibratory Feeder 80 M/M Wide To 400 M/M Dia Rotary Sorting Table To A Tablet Dispenser Chute.
Item Ref: N8127-23
Sinex S/S Vibro Feeder 90mm x 330 mm Long
Stainless Steel Vibro Feeder 90 mm x 330 mm x 120 mm Deep
with 1 Phase Varrable speed drive mounted on a mild steel table 450 mm x 250 mm x 850 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12640-39
D-Southall Vibro Feeder S/S 150 Mm Wide
0.75 Kw Hydraulic Unit With S/S Conveyor 150 X 125 X 2130 mm Long
Item Ref: N6378-39
Invictor M/S Tubular Feeder 150 X 1350Mm
Invictor Vibratory Feeder With 85 mm Dia. In/Outlet.
Item Ref: N7620-39
S/S Vibratory Feeder 200 Mm X 450 Mm
Hydraulic Feeder 200 M/M Wide 450 M/M Long With 200 M/M Dia Inlet And Outlet Stainless Steel Contact Parts
Item Ref: S9016-39
Vibro Feeder M/S 300mm x 1700mm long
Mild Steel feeder 300mm wide x 1700mm long with bolt removable lid 300mm dia inlet and outlet with 2 side mounted 700W Vibro motors mounted on aprox 45 degree angle with 1300 mm feed hight.
Item Ref: N10923-39
Driver Southall Vibratory S/S Feeder
Stainless Steel Hopper Feed To Trough 560 X 2000 X 70 M/M Deep With Hydraulic Vibrating Motor All Standing On Mild Steel Frame,Hopper Size 500 X 650 X 400M/M
Item Ref: N7964-39
Vibro Feeder S/S 590Mm X 2280Mm
Stainless Steel Bed 590mm Wide X 150mm Deep X 2280mm Long. Mounted On Mild Steel Frame With Hydraulic Drive (Probably Driver Southall).
Item Ref: N9708-39
Driver Southall Vibro Feeder S/S
S/S Vibro Feeder 600mm X 1830mm X 100mm Deep Trough With S/S Hopper. 7 Cu.M. Capacity 580mm X 1650mm X 770mm Tall. Mounted On Mild Steel Frame With Hydraulic Variable Speed Drive Control.
Item Ref: N9871-39
Cakewalk Feeder Table, Teflon Coated,S/S
855 mm Wide X 1840 mm Long X 120 mm Deep. Mounted In Mild Steel Frame To Give 1480 mm Ground Clearance. Made By Acme Sluis.
Item Ref: N7624-39