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Fractionating Column 350 Dia.3050Mm High
Film Tray Type S/S Fractionating Column Similar To Bubble Cap Trays Corcoran Type Design
Item Ref: N2753-20
Bubble Cap Column 550 Dia 8000 M/M Tall
Stainless Steel Column With 39 Trays Various Connections
Item Ref: N8247-20
Valve Tray Column 750 Dia.X 7335 Mm Tall

Stainless Steel With 24 Valve S/S Trays. Made By Metal Propellors. Test Pressure 70 Psi. Made In 1969. Built To Asme 8. Internal Rating Atmosphere At 110 Deg C.

Item Ref: N7631-20
Bubble Cap Column 915 Dia.X 5000 Mm Tall
Stainless Steel With 12 Trays. Top 150 mm Dia. Connection. Cone Base 265 mm Dia Outlet. Various Other Side Connections. Two Sections 2800 And 2200 mm.
Item Ref: N7656-20
Sieve Tray Column 1060 Dia.X 10800Mm Tal
Stainless Steel Column With 36 Trays. Base With 75 mm Connection. Topwith 150 mm Dia. Connection And 200 mm Side Connections. T.P. 65 Psi. Made By Blaire. Machine No. 3075/68.
Item Ref: N7655-20