13,500L S/S JKTD Contra Rotational mixing vessel 5.5 kW

Stainless Steel Jacketed with contra rotational Scraped surface mixers, chamber 2,900 mm dia x 2,000 mm deep with 800 deep cone to 50 mm dia outlet. Mounted on 4 stainless steel legs to give 200 mm ground clearance. Overall height to bridge 3,300 mm. Mild steel bridge, stainless steel lid with hinge one side with inspect hatch 250 mm dia, other side fixed with various connections, centrally mounted variable speed  Out  scraped surface anchor stirrer 5.5 kW 3.3 to 20 Rpm inner variable speed paddle stirrer with 5.5 kW 14 to 85 Rpm. With Stainless Stainless dimple type jacket tested 90 PSI  made by Kells 304 grade stainless steel.