200L S/S Gardner U-Trough Mixer 4 kW

Stainless Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender Internal Size 470 mm Wide X 590 mm Deep X 1,330 mm Long with Interrupted Ribbon Paddle Agitator with 150 mm Dia outlet with hand operated plug type valve. With Stainless Steel hinged lid. Unit mounted on Stainless Steel Pedestal to Give 1,000 mm Ground Clearance  with Drive 4 kW 56 Rpm Gear Drive. With Mechanical Seal Glands. With Removable End Plate and Shaft for easy clean.  Gardner mixer type 200L serial number 18155.  Overall size 2,700 mm X 815 mm X 1,800 mm Tall .  mounted on a mild steel base and platform 1,220 mm x 600 mm high. Overall size 3,200 mm x 2,700 mm x 2,600 mm tall
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