5.5L Aeromatic S/S Fluid Bed Drier/Coater type AES 5.5

Stainless steel product chamber 640 mm dia to 250 mm dia  x 470 mm deep.  Spray balls fitted through bowl side, three spray nozzle connections to bowl side.  External heat source required.  Heating capacity 800 kCal per hour, 415v 3 pH electrical supply.  Machine control panel with batch timer, outlet air temp C. Magnehelic gauges for:- filter resistance; perforated plate; air volume; on/off toggle switch for filter cleaning; bowl raise/lower lever; s/s bowl cart with wheels; exhaust air flap valve; fan motor 2.5 kW 2,870 rpm, flap valve control of inlet air.  Overall size 1,300 mm x 1,300 mm x 2,200 mm tall. Machine number: 13681

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