200L Lodige Morton Jktd Ploughshare Mixer BP-300

Stainless Steel with Mild Steel Jacket 630 dia x 10mm Long.  Top with  450 & 310mm 25mm dia BSP Inlets.  Bottom with 300 x 220mm  Hand Operated Outlet with Side Port for Lump Breaker.  Driven by about 5.5 kW motor. With 4 kW 2880 High Speed Cutter.  Overall size 1,700mm x 1,400mm x 1100 mm tall.  Morton BP-300 number: M 23043

  • Parent Category: Mixers Dry
  • Sub-Category: Plough Shear
  • Stock Ref#: ND-11963-10
  • Sorry This Item is Out Of Stock
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