450 L S/S Electrically Heated Fat/Butter Melter 25.5 Kw

Stainless Steel Jacketed Fat, With open to atmosphere Jacket, with rockwool insulation, outer stainless steel cladding. Melter chamber 890 mm dia x 890 mm deep with flat sloping bottom to 50 mm dia Tri clover slipper outlet. Fitted with sealess bottom entry stirrer 1.5 Kw 30 Rpm Gate type stirrer. With hinged Tubular Fat /Butter melter grid with  25mm dia x 50 mm pitch block feed grid 490 mm x 490 mm, with hinged feed shoot ,Mounted to give a feed height of 1,130 mm. With 2 off  12 kw immersion heaters for 20 to 120 deg.c   Circulating pump to feed grid and jacket, with stainless steel control panel to suit. Overall size 1,500 mm x 1,400 mm x 1,700 mm tall. 
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